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Hi I'm Cat!

I'm Community Manager for a French video game company and, among other things, I like to play Piano.

On this blog you'll find various piano pieces, from video games, movies, anime and such, played by myself on my Clavinova CLP 370.

 Each week you can vote for the song you want me to play next. If you want a song I never proposed don't hesitate to post your request in the comments and don't forget to vote for the next song!

The "thing" you can see lying on my Piano, couch, or just walking around in most videos  is my cat Pile-Poil.

You can talk to me and stay tuned on the latest news by following me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thelivecat

If you want to listen to the songs without me blabbing at the beginning you can download or listen to my tracks in streaming on Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/thelivecat

All my scores are available in the "Scores" section of this blog. If you use them and make a video of your own version tell me about it!